As I traveled aboard a boat heading towards Catalina Island, misty sprays of water flecked my face with little kisses of salt water. Little did I know the nuptial delights that lay ahead of our journeying boat. As I arrived on said Island I stepped onto the set of a Wes Anderson-esque, "Moonrise Kingdom." Well not really... Emerald Bay Boy Scout Camp was the destination location for this film industry couple's big day. Having worked together on the set of "Mad Men" and other cool flicks, like Oscar nominated ones… this couple took their creative licenses and turned the traditional wedding on its head.  Dagmarette and Alec’s vision of tying the knot surrounded by friends and family on a private strip of island from his boyhood came true culminating with, "I do" overlooking the most stunning view of the Pacific. The revelry that ensued took place on long feasting "picnic" style tables surrounded by army green Boy Scout tents with strung lights illuminating. Photographically speaking, the natural beauty of the location and couple made for a much longer lasting feast, a visual one.
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